Confession: I’ve never actually made a cakepop. I love them, but the intensity of the recipe coupled with other people’s horror stories keeps me from actually sitting down to make some. However, I do spend a lot of time writing and it has occurred to me that the two are similar.

The Cake Pop Novel (serves 1)

Prep Time: As Long as It Takes

1) Add theme to characters, plot, and dialogue. Mix until well blended.

2) Bake your cake to a fragrant, golden brown. Let cool. You may be tempted to eat it right away. Don’t.

3) Crumble the cake into a bowl. (That’s right. I said destroy your story, kill your babies, and mangle up the first draft of your masterpiece)

4) Mix in a generous amount of frosting, until thoroughly combined. Add more frosting as necessary. (The sickly sweet taste of revision, revision, revision)

5) Roll mixture into 1″ balls, place on cookie sheet, and refrigerate overnight. (Cool your heels for awhile. Write something else. Go for a walk. Go save orphans in Africa.)

6) Insert the tip of your lollipop stick into each cakeball and roll in the melted chocolate (Now you’re ready to put the finishing coat on your novel.)

7) Cover the chocolate covered ball with sprinkles before the chocolate hardens (Send your manuscript off into the world before you think too much about it)

8) Prepare for the cake pops to fall apart, get squished, dry out, or otherwise not make it to their destination. Repeats steps 1-7. (Your novel will be rejected. A billion times. Rinse and repeat.)

9) When you finally produce some perfect cake pops, share them with your friends and watch their eyes light up with joy. Eat one yourself. You deserve it.

***Here’s an actual cake pop recipe: Cake Pops with Colorful Sprinkles. As for the novel, well, you’ll have to figure that one out on your own. ***

1 Comment on “Why Writing is Like Making Cake Pops (Time-Consuming, Irritating, and Rewarding)

  1. Right about now Robert Muldoon would be saying, “clever girl.” Hahaha, I love this creative and novel approach to… writing novels and writing in general. πŸ™‚ I think I’m gonna save this recipe and refer back to it if that’s alright, for I too love to write and do quite a lot of it. Internet high five Shannon! πŸ˜€

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