I Wrote This For You by Pleasefindthis


To the small.

To the star counters.

To the cloud watchers.

To the inspired.

To the birds.

To everyone who’s ever cried.

To everyone who’s ever tried.

To those who pull themselves up off the floor.

To those who can still find love in their hearts, even after everything.

To those who paint the world each day with the colours of their feelings.

To those who hope.

To you.*

*Thank you.

If you’ve hung around my blog long enough, you’ve probably notice that I keep talking about this: the I Wrote This For You project/creator/book/phenomenon. I obtained the book a few weeks ago now, but only now did I finally sit down and read it. I think I was waiting for the perfect moment. Or the un-perfect moment as it turns out. I used to think it was pretty unpleasant to be single during the winter holidays and on Valentines Day, but I have also decided being single in the spring is also kind of a downer. Anyways, after an evening of lamenting, I remembered that this book was sitting in my book pile. I pulled it out before bed, intending to read a few pages. Of course, if I’d thought about it for more than five seconds, I would have realized that what I was really sitting down to do was read the whole thing.

I think the thing people find most striking about the I Wrote This For You project is how universal it is. No matter where you are, you can read a random entry on the blog or a random page in the book and it will speak to you. It’s interesting to consider these universals of the human condition. What is it that the project has tapped into, that so many people find themselves deeply touched by it?

At its core, this is a book about love and loss. Something nearly all of us have experienced. The great love that was there until they walked away. On one level this is a book about getting over or not getting over someone. Because if you really loved them, you’re not going to get over them. There will always be those little things that spark the memories and the feelings, the snapshot of the person you used to love. On another level, this is a book about love in its elemental form. Love between friends, love between parents and children, love between lovers.

For me, many of these passages jumped out at me as I was reading it last night. I’m sure every time I read it, there will be more and new and different passages that catch my attention. In some ways, it’s like holding a book that holds all the advice you need in life, everything you need to hear. Let me share with you one passage that directly relates to how I was feeling when I started reading this:


Oh shut up. Every time it rains, it stops raining. Every time you hurt, you heal. After darkness, there is always light and you get reminded of this every morning but still you choose to believe that the night will last forever. Nothing lasts forever. Not the good or the bad. So might as well smile while you’re here.

Really, I think this book contains the keys to the collective soul. There’s a reason it speaks to us; because it is all of us. I Wrote This For You.

Watch the video.

9 Comments on “I Wrote This For You

  1. Well Shannon, sounds like you’re living in the same world I’m living in these days… I went through a breakup last June, 2011, after a 4 1/2 year relationship… It was 2 months later that I returned to Writing (As I got away from writing while in that relationship) August 18th to be precise, by staring my “The Written Word” Blog.

    I created the Blog as a way to get in the habit of Writing pretty much every single day, and it has basically worked… I’ve averaged over 1,000 words a day since August, which is good enough for me. But something I didn’t expect to happen during this time, was to Write So Much Poetry…

    Between August 18th, 2011, and Today March 28th, 2012, I’ve Written 74 Poems… I figured I’d Write Poems for a little while because of the breakup basically… As back in 1998 after I went through a Serious Heartbreak, I ended up Writing tons, and tons of Songs (Which were basically Poems that I added Chorus to). But I had such a strong response to My Poems, I suspect it motivated me to continue… That Coupled with the fact that there would be Nights that I just felt a lot of Emotional Pain, and Writing a Poem about it often helped… I also often listen to Music While I Write them, and even include a Video to a Specific Song to go with the Poem sometimes… Not every time.

    This “I Wrote This For You” Project that you shared here, is almost done like a Form of Hypnosis… You’re right, it hits Pretty Deep.

    I Wrote My Self Published Poetry Book between the Months of September and October 2011… Basically They were/are My First 16 Poems that I posted on My “The Written Word” Site (So I guess the Poetry didn’t start right on August 18th, but the Site did).

    The Way you described This Book on hitting on all forms of Love, not just Romantic, made me think of one of the Three Reviews that I had done on My Poetry Book (I asked Three Friends/Bloggers if they would Read and Review The Book on their Blogs, and they did).

    I told them they could be totally honest… Fortunately, they all three liked it, even the one that I knew wasn’t really into Poetry… She still ended up enjoying it.

    However, there is a Specific Review that Really Hit me very Deeply, Written by My Friend Veehcirra, who is also one of our Dark Globe Writers.

    Here is The Review http://theway2fullconsciousness.com/2012/02/10/winter-lust-and-wonder-the-review/ .

    I think maybe you might Like This Book… And being you are what I consider a friend, as well as a Fellow Writer, and as it turns out, a Fellow “Currently” Heart Broken Romantic, lol I’d Gladly Mail you a Copy of the Book, as I have Several on hand.

    If you’d feel more comfortable receiving a PDF of The Book, that’s fine too, I’ll gladly E-mail it to you… But The Actual Books came out Pretty Cool.

    Anyway, Great Post, I’m sorry that you are feeling the same kind of loneliness that I am also feeling… Keeping busy helps whilst yer keepen busy… But not so much in the Quiet Moments right before you go to sleep… Those are the toughest for me.

    Let me know if you’d like me to mail you a Copy of My Book, no charge, just one Romantic Writer to Another.

    DarkJade- (There’s 5 Colors you can choose from, lol)

  2. What a great review πŸ™‚ Yes I would love to have a copy of your book. I’ll message you my mailing address a little later. Thanks!

    Breakups suck- hard core. Mine happened in November 2011. I’m in that weird limbo place where I think I’m ready to move on to someone new, while also simultaneously worrying that perhaps I lost the one person who thought I was awesome. I know that isn’t true, but like you said, in the moments before sleep, it’s hard to convince yourself that it isn’t.

    • There’s not a chance in hell that he was the one person that would think you are Awesome… Not a Chance in Hell. I’ve been in Love Four Times, from the Age of like 5 I’ve been wanting to Meet “The One”… Instead I’ve been in love with Four Different People… And in each case, they were also in Love with me… So I can tell you from Personal Experience, from someone who has been a True Romantic since like 4 Ha, that there are many, many more people that will Love you…

      Every Person we are with is a completely different Situation from the any other… I know you know that, but it’s still nice to hear it from someone else sometimes.

      I gotta tell you, Christmas was hell… And for you it must have been even worse, as I at least had 6 Months to prepare for it.

      Something I’ve come to realize over time is that, you don’t ever have to stop Loving a Person… So don’t bother trying… Love them. And be sad that they’re gone… And Cherish the Memories… So don’t waste anytime trying to get rid of feelings, it is true that “Time Heals all woulds”… But it’s also true, that “Time takes its Time” Lol

      But that’s alright… It just makes Life all the more Precious. I gotta tell you, the 3 and 4 Month Mark can be tough, so hang in there… I’ve heard that its good to go at least 6 months between relationships and so when that 6 month mark hit, some part of me was definitely ready to meet, be with, and love someone… But of course, when you actually meet someone, is the Completely Random Element of it isn’t… And so, Now I’m beyond the 9 Month Mark, and do pretty good most of the time… Except like I say, right before I go to bed.

      Anyway, hang in there Shannon… Love will come when it comes… Though as a Romantic, it never comes soon enough does it, lol

      Anyway, cool, I’ll keep an eye open for your Address… What color would you like, I’ve got some fairly bright colors, as requested by the Store that I got the book into… So I’ve got Light Lavender, Dark Lavender, an Orange/Yellow, an Actual Orange with Blue Font on the Cover (Definitely an Experimental Cover, lol), and a really nice Turquoise Blue. The Choice is yours.


  3. Thanks for your very kind comments. I enjoyed coming home last night to that message πŸ™‚ It gets easier because it has to. And turquoise blue sounds lovely!

    • Awesome, Turquoise it is… I think you’ll like it… It’s a Color that I ordered to have on hand, that I hadn’t ordered before… And thus, you will be the First and Only Person in the World to have it, Hee Hee… Until I Print some more, lol

      And you’re Welcome, Complimenting you is easy

      I’ll get that to you ASAP


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