***In light of the tragedy that happened in my beloved Colorado last night, where a gunman opened fire on a theater full of people at the Batman Premiere, killing twelve, it’s important to remember how precious our lives are and how they might end in an instant. ***


Wasted by Charles Bukowski

too often the people complain that they have

done nothing with their


and then they wait for somebody to tell them

that this isn’t so.

look, you’ve done this and that and you’ve

done that and that’s


you really think so?

of course.


they had it right.

they’ve done nothing.

shown no courage.

no inventiveness.

they did what they were taught to


they did what they were told to


they had no resistance, no thoughts

of their own.

they were pushed and soved

and went obediently.

they had no heart.

they were cowardly.

they stank in life.

they stank up life.

and now they want to be told that

they didn’t fail.

you’ve met them.

they’re everywhere.

the spiritless.

the dead-before-death gang.

be kind?

lie to them?

tell them what they want to hear?

tell them anything they want to hear?

people with courage made them what they


and if they ask me, I’ll tell them what they

don’t want to hear.

it’s better you

keep them away from me, or

they’ll tell you I’m a cruel man.

it’s better that they confer

with you.

I want to be free of


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