This week’s TTT covers ten blog posts (on your blog!) that give the best picture of you as a reader and/or a person. As always, TTT is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.

I feel a little awkward with this one, as I’m writing a big ‘ol braggo post (but that is kind of sort of what blogging is, yes?)

1. My Extended About Me. Kind of an obvious choice.

2. This is a super recent post, but I think this short story is really representative of my writing.

3. On the same note, I wrote a short play two years ago and performed it at an open mic with my friend. I don’t do vlogs or anything or the sort, so this is your one and only (for the moment) chance to see me live. Haha.

4. And again, a little bit of flash fiction I threw up on the blog.

5. Favorite Book: Shadow of the Wind

6. Favorite Book: Hyperion

7. Favorite Book: Plainsong

8. Favorite Book: The Fault in Our Stars

9. Favorite Book (This and the afore-mentioned only represent a small portion of the things I love dearly): The Lover’s Dictionary

10. Most amazing motivational speech ever, by Neil Gaiman.

8 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Blog Posts That Give the Best Picture of You

  1. “Make Good Art”… I think about that speech almost every day… Especially when I’m feeling down, or lonely


    • It’s a good one 🙂 Mostly I think of Neil Gaiman’s voice right when he says Make Good Art and I smile.

      • Same here, that’s exactly what I think of… It’s like there’s a place out there that we belong, yah know… And he’s there with us, which is just the coolest


      • Also his voice makes me laugh. A little. But it’s melodious which I always enjoy. But kind of funny.

  2. I really love this week’s TTT topic. I’m learning so much about people! Like how would I know that you have a horse and are from Colorado without it? And we’ve got more in common than I knew- I also enjoy cooking, watching dance movies, French (though I’m not half as good at it!), and The Shadow of the Wind. I’ve got The Fault in Our Stars on hold at the library right now too- can’t wait to get started on it!

    • Haha I’m not very good at French…I studied it a long time, but not very good haha. Also, dance movies. Just, dance movies. Soooo good. I watch them and live vicariously…I wish I could dance.

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