The winners of our photography contest were announced! Congrats to everyone and extra-special congratulations to Disperser for the win!

I also reviewed The Luxe series by Anna Godbersen.

Things I learned yesterday: There’s a world series for Little League. Who knew? I watched a few minutes of the game between Japan and Panama while I was warming up at the gym.

2 Comments on “This Week on The Dark Globe

  1. I actually watched the second half of Tennessee vs Petaluma yesterday, Tennessee was winning 15 to 5, then Petaluma scored 10 runs in the final inning tying it… But then Tennessee killed em in the extra inning, Lol

    Was goina check out some of the Japan vs Tennessee today

    Thanks for the Dark Globe Shout Out Shannon, and Thank you for your Excellent Work on the Site


  2. I remember the hoecakes and the maple snow candy from Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. My favorite scene from Roald Dahl’s “Boy” is in the candy shop. The details of meals and food and eating always stay with me long after the plotlines have faded.

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