Let It Snow

Let It Snow by John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle

Sparkling white snowdrifts, beautiful presents wrapped in ribbons, and multicolored lights glittering in the night through the falling snow. A Christmas Eve snowstorm transforms one small town into a romantic haven, the kind you see only in movies. Well, kinda. After all, a cold and wet hike from a stranded train through the middle of nowhere would not normally end with a delicious kiss from a charming stranger. And no one would think that a trip to the Waffle House through four feet of snow would lead to love with an old friend. Or that the way back to true love begins with a painfully early morning shift at Starbucks. Thanks to three of today’s bestselling teen authors—John Green, Maureen Johnson, and Lauren Myracle—the magic of the holidays shines on these hilarious and charming interconnected tales of love, romance, and breathtaking kisses.

Unlike most of the blogosphere I suspect, I only recently heard of this collection, when I picked it up at the bookstore. Some of the that I’m sure is due to my new-found love for JG. I’ve read some Maureen Johnson novels before, but not in a long time. And I’ve never read anything by Lauren Myracle (that must be a pen name. It must).

Normally, I don’t go for Christmas-themed novels. I like Christmas, but I’m not gaga in love with it. But this year, I’m on a Christmas novel reading kick. I’m currently trying to finish Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares (Rachel Cohn and David Levithan), Ex-Mas (Kate Brian), and Pretty Little Secrets (Sara Shepherd) before Christmas is over.

I loved how interconnected the three stories are. It makes me really want to know more about the process they took…like did they decide on their stories together or did they just try and connect them later or how did this whole thing work?

And now for the stories themselves:

The Jubilee Express by Maureen Johnson

This is the first story in the collection and it is awfully funny. I was reading it on the airplane and had to really control myself because I just wanted to laugh my head off. So be warned….maybe don’t read it in a public place, unless you really don’t care. Jubilee and Stuart were both adorable and I was very happy with the whole story.

A Cheertastic Christmas Miracle by John Green

This was such a quintessentially JG story. He’s definitely one of those authors where, if you read his work and didn’t know who it was by, you would say it was him. You can just tell. This one was also pretty funny. I think the romance in this one was a little forced, but it didn’t overly detract from the story.

The Patron Saint of Pigs by Lauren Myracle

I had high hopes for this one with a title like that. And it was pretty entertaining and unique. But I couldn’t stand the main character Addie. She was so annoying. And the lesson she was supposed to learn definitely came off heavy handed in this one. Girl is self-centered —> learns how not to be self-centered —> life is great.

Overall, I really enjoyed this collection of Christmas short stories and highly recommend them. Especially if you are already fans of the above authors or love YA in general.



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