As always, TTT is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic, a companion to the earlier topic from April 30th, top ten topics that won’t make me pick up a book. Not that they’re always deal breakers, but as a rule I don’t particularly enjoy these types of topics.

1. Cancer

2. Divorce

3. 9/11

4. The Holocaust

5. World War II

6. Zombies

7. Fairies

8. Cars

9. Planes

10. Ghosts

How about you? What are your deal-breaker topics?

10 Comments on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Topics That Won’t Make Me Pick Up a Book

  1. I’ve seen zombies on several lists, but I know there’s other apocalyptic-book fans who love a good zombie outbreak like I do.
    (Braaaiiinsss….) 😀
    All items on your list that could be put under the umbrella of ‘depressing events’ I agree with, though.

    • I prefer vampire apocalypse to zombie apocalypse haha… Also I should have put aliens on this list *shudder*

  2. i don’t like to read about divorce either. Not really what I look for in my escapist reading. And ghosts and fairies probably should have been added to my list too.

    • Yea… Not everything has to be completely escapist, but I don’t want my funtime hobby to make me super sad 😦

  3. Zombies! Especially zombie romance. Eww….. What if she kisses him and his tongue falls off?

  4. What about divorced zombie ghosts who died while driving a car to their oncologists, but were run off the road by fairies hired by holocaust deniers who had a hand in the 9/11 attack, and now are looking to use planes to start World War III because they were not happy with World War II . . .

    . . . that’s right, they be Nazies!! (not on your list)

    Personally, anything with any kind of human drama induced by people being stupid or irrational (most dramas I hear about).

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