Pure Sin

Pure Sin (Privilege #5) by Kate Brian

After getting rid of her best-friend-turned-enemy, Ariana Osgood should be on top of the world. She’s in love with a hot guy. She’s a member of Atherton-Pryce Hall’s best secret society. And she’s one of the most popular girls on campus. But now that Lexa Greene knows a terrible secret about her; everything Ariana has worked so hard for hangs in the balance. Can she keep up the facade…or is her house of cards about to tumble around her?

Another good entry in the Privilege series. Just when Ariana finally feels like everything is perfect and coming up roses for her, a new threat to her security arises.

My main problem with this book was that I actually started to find Ariana really irritating. Despite the fact that she’s a murderer leading a double-life, she tends to have it all together and remains perfectly calm, cool, and collected. Except in this one, she actually allows herself to be distracted by another guy, who tried to steal her away from her current boyfriend. That whole subplot doesn’t seem very Ariana to me.

The next book in the series is the last one so I’m reading that next…excited to see how it all ends!

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