The Kill Order

By James Dashner

Before WICKED was formed, before the Glade was built, before Thomas entered the Maze, sun flares hit the earth and mankind fell to disease.

Mark and Trina were there when it happened, and they survived. But surviving the sun flares was easy compared to what came next. Now a disease of rage and lunacy races across the eastern United States, and there’s something suspicious about its origin. Worse yet, it’s mutating, and all evidence suggests that it will bring humanity to its knees.

Mark and Trina are convinced there’s a way to save those left living from descending into madness. And they’re determined to find it—if they can stay alive. Because in this new, devastated world, every life has a price. And to some, you’re worth more dead than alive.


While the third book in The Mazerunner series, The Death Cure, left me underwhelmed, this prequel made up for it.

The Kill Order follows a new group of characters in the first few years after the solar flares. We get to learn more about the origin of the solar flares and what effect the catastrophe had on Earth. We also learn more about the disease known as “The Flare”. This book filled in a lot of blanks for me that the main series kind of never answered. We also learn even more about how Thomas and Theresa come to be involved with WICKED and the Glade.

The Kill Order is as action-packed and exciting as any of the other Maze Runner books. And this one was probably among the most heartbreaking.

It also felt that the series was left… Open. Are more books on the way?


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