By Robin Wasserman

It’s two months after the end of Crashed, and Lia is right back where she started: home, pretending to be the perfect daughter. But nothing’s the way it used to be. Lia has become the public face of the mechs and BioMax’s poster girl for the up-and-coming technology, devoting her life to convincing the world that she—and the others like her—deserve to exist.

But then Jude resurfaces, bringing scandalous information that suggests BioMax is using the technology for a great evil. And when Lia learns a shocking truth about the accident that resulted in her download, she is forced to make a decision she can never reverse.


This was the conclusion to the Cold Awakening series and probably my favorite book of the three (minus the ending, but we’ll get to that).

The book starts off with Lia participating in a reality show. Now, I could read a whole book about that…in this particular reality show, the viewers choose what each “character” does next. Kind of like a live choose your own adventure story. Somebody should write that book.

Anyway, that proves to make up very little of the book. Jude shows up and things go from tenuously okay to really, really bad. Lia learns some very shocking secrets that drive her to make some very difficult choices.

This book was very exciting and I kept telling myself to read one chapter and stop (each of the chapters are like 40 pages), but I’d get to the end of the chapter and want to read more.

So all was great with this book up until the end. The ending was pretty disappointing. Think of the most cliche ending for a story about androids and you can guess how this book ends.

The series was decent enough, though it was definitely a depressing one. Everyone is so angry and the world is just terrible. It’s a good thing the pacing keeps you going because you don’t really want to stay in Lia’s world for any length of time.

Okay back to the ending…really? That’s how it ends. Just. Ugh.

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