Born and raised in the foothills of Colorado, Shannon Fox moved to San Diego, CA to attend school at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). She graduated with a B.A. in Literature-Writing and a minor in film studies.

She has been a creative writing tutor, research assistant, open mic host and coordinator, marketer and advertiser, Realtor, veterinary assistant, staff editor (Alchemy Journal of Translation, UCSD), and submissions editor (Narrative Magazine).

She currently writes or has been a contributor for the following publications: Isle of Books, Scientific American Mind, Mashable, The Copperfield Review, The Fat City Review, Black Fox Literary Review, Coastal Premier Properties, Intrepid International, 2K Grey, Dressage Daily, The Dark Globe, HOOT, Mooch Mooch Pets, Horse Tack Co, The Fictorians, and Mania Magazine.

When not writing, she enjoys riding her horses, reading, hiking with her dog, and spending time with her boyfriend and friends in San Diego.


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