Born and raised in the foothills of Colorado, Shannon Fox moved to San Diego, CA to attend school at the University of California at San Diego (UCSD). She graduated with a B.A. in Literature-Writing and a minor in film studies.

Shannon primarily writes fiction in a variety of genres, but also writes non-fiction and the occasional poem. Her short stories have appeared in the Cursed Collectibles Anthology, The Plaid Horse Magazine, Black Fox Literary MagazineThe Copperfield ReviewThe Fat City Review, and Mania Magazine. She has also authored over two hundred non-fiction articles and blogs for online and print publication. On the non-fiction side her work has appeared on the 2K Grey Blog, The Dark Globe, Dressage Daily, Equine Journal, Horse Tack Co Blog, Intrepid International, and Scientific American Mind Magazine, among others.

Shannon is the owner of Minute Marketing, a marketing company based in San Diego, CA, that helps small business owners and entrepreneurs save time with their marketing. You can check out more about her company here.

Shannon is also a competitive dressage rider and owns two fantastic horses. She lives in San Diego with her awesome boyfriend, the best dog in the world, and two very silly cats. You can peep more of the animals on her Instagram. She enjoys pumpkin spice, tea, chocolate, browsing Target, buying new notebooks with pretty covers, interior design, fall leaves, days off, and keeping up with her quest to travel to one new place every year.

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