Blood Jade

Blood Jade: A Phoenix Hoard novel by Julia Vee and Ken Bebelle

Emiko Soong, newly minted Sentinel of San Francisco, just can’t catch a break. Just after she becomes the guardian for a sentient city, a murder strikes close to home. Called by the city and one of the most powerful clans to investigate, she traces the killer whose scent signature bears a haunting similarity to her mother’s talent.

The trail will lead her back to Tokyo where the thread she pulls threatens to unravel her whole world and bring dark family secrets to light.

Meanwhile, the General rises in the East and Emiko must fight the hidden enemies of his growing army who are amped up on Blood Jade, while keeping her promises to her brother Tatsuya as he prepares for his tourney.

Her duties as Sentinel and her loyalties collide when she must choose between hiding her deepest shame or stopping the General’s relentless march.

Blood Jade does what any great sequel should do–builds smoothly off the first book to deliver an experience that recaptures the magic while deepening the lore, world-building, and characters. Blood Jade pays off the promises of Ebony Gate while bringing us to a new city with new foes and new friends (or are they?)

Vee and Bebelle have created another highly addictive, binge-able entry in the incredible Phoenix Hoard series. If you missed my review of the first book, Ebony Gate, this series features a female Asian John Wick in a world brimming with dragon magic, old traditions, and modern-day problems. Blood Jade will be released in the US on July 16th, so now is the perfect time to pick up the first book and jump into the adventure!

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