A Very Writerly Birthday

Yesterday, I turned 23. As you might expect, when your birthday is that close to Christmas, the two holidays kind become of extensions of each other. Usually they’re pretty split 50/50. This year, I noticed I definitely got more writing related things for my birthday from friends and family than for Christmas (which is not a bad thing either way, just an observation). I decided to talk a little about things that make good gifts for writers, the whole year through!



Clockwise, from top left:

– Touchscreen phone gloves! So useful, particularly if you live somewhere cold, or just have cold hands. It’s really hard to keep up the motivation to keep writing when your hands are slowly turning to ice. This way, you can take the chill off your hands and keep using the trackpad on the laptop, iPad, or smart phone. I’m excited to try these out. It finally warmed up again this week, so I’ll have to wait a bit.

– Tape recorder! I always think of my best ideas when I’m driving in the car. I usually take notes on some sort of note app when I’m out and about, but this is really inconvenient for the car. This way, you can just click the button on, talk, and click it off. Small enough to carry in your purse and small enough to set in your cupholder when driving. Also really excited to try this one.

– Books! You probably could have though of that one on your own. But when it comes to gifts for writers, you don’t have to get fancy. We love books. <3

– Journal. Same as above. I’d also like to point out that this journal is made out of recycled materials. Horse poop to be exact. No, it doesn’t smell like poop.

– All the Starbucks! Also an easy one. Never underestimate the power of the obviously, but extremely necessary gift.

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