Call for Resources

Alright friends, here’s where I need your help! As I draw near to the time to edit this novel, I find myself in need of some source materials. I do a bit of planning and a lot of pantsing for first drafts. I research on the way, but mostly make notes of large holes in my knowledge to fill in later. Which is where I am now.

If you know of any good writing (fiction or non-fiction), films, sites, or are willing to share your own experience either in the comments or through a private e-mail, it would be much appreciated.

Topics I’m looking for information on (particularly on a personal level):


-gay/lesbian experiences (especially coming out stories)

-teaching abroad experiences

-military (being a part of, process, recruitment, basic training)

-cancer (particularly breast cancer and/or the experiences of loved ones in the family, not just the sick person)

-archeology/anthropology (as a profession or relating to the study of, such as in a university experience)

Any and all help would be appreciated!!

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