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African Folktales

By Roger D. Abrahams Nearly 100 stories from over 40 tribe-related myths of creation, tales of epic deeds, ghost stories and tales set in both the animal and human realms. My goodness this was a long, hard slog! This was my second attempt at reading more mythology, fairy tales, and folk tales in my effort to increase my awareness of storytelling archetypes. I started … Read More African Folktales

American Indian Myths and Legends

Don’t forget to enter my book giveaway! Only five more days to enter!   By Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz Gathering 160 tales from 80 tribal groups to offer a rich and lively panorama of the Native American mythic heritage.  This was a good and broad overview of Native American mythology and stories. Despite having grown up in the west, I wasn’t actually familiar … Read More American Indian Myths and Legends