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The Leftovers TV Series

The Leftovers by Tom Perrota was one of the first books I ever reviewed on this blog. You can read that review here. I really loved the book, so I’m super excited that they’re making a television series out of it.   What do you guys think? Will you tune in?  

Reading of The Unicorn’s Girl

I posted this short story a few months ago, but a couple weeks ago, I got the chance to read it in front of an audience.

Lands Away (Legends Undying)

I really love these short videos about books/literature/writing. Basically, the melting point of two of my favorite mediums. Here is another one I posted yesterday on Legends Undying.

How Fiction Can Change Reality (Legends Undying)

I’ve just started writing for Legends Undying (formally the Dark Globe). I have a post up this morning, a very nice video from TedEd on how fiction can change reality. Enjoy!

Make Good Art

My friend showed me this today and it was too good not to share. Make good art ❤ (source)