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Week in Review July 23rd-29th

Yep. I skipped a week. It was a good week, just too busy to write it all up. This week was busy, too, that only reason this blog happened was because I went on a vacation! Well. A working vacation. Maybe I’ll get to take a real vacation before the year is over. Haha. Or maybe not. I’m just excited that on 21st of … Read More Week in Review July 23rd-29th

Week in Review: July 9th-15th

For years, I thought I was a solid introvert. I like reading, writing, and other solitary pursuits. As an only child, I was good at spending time alone and entertaining myself. And I actually liked it, too. It was years before I realized what I actually was: an extroverted introvert. And while that tag of extroversion may on the surface seem like it makes … Read More Week in Review: July 9th-15th

Week in Review: June 30th – July 8th

Ok it was just too hot this weekend. Too hot to write blogs. Too hot to exist. Just, too hot. So, that’s why the week in review post is longer than a week and it also is being published on a different day! I’ll try to keep this pretty short as I think I’m starting to get repetitive sometimes. We’ll see how that goes … Read More Week in Review: June 30th – July 8th

Week in Review June 23rd-29th

I usually try and write this blog as the week is happening so I don’t forget things. Didn’t do that this week. Definitely forgot things. Lol. You’ll remember that one of the things I did after starting Minute Marketing was clean my desk/office. While I was doing that was I found a bunch of papers and things that were never filed or thrown away … Read More Week in Review June 23rd-29th

Week in Review: June 16th-June 22nd

Last week I mentioned I was pondering two thoughts that I wanted to share. Well. Now I’ve added one more. Lots of competing thoughts in my brain this week, but what else is new. The first is that work doesn’t have to be stressful. Unless you’re a police officer or an emergency room doctor, there is very little that is life or death. And … Read More Week in Review: June 16th-June 22nd

June 9th-June 15th: Week in Review

This week I really enjoyed not being sick and also being able to work in shorts. It’s the little things, guys. On the heels of a productive week, I thought I’d share all of the podcasts that have been keeping me company. It’s weird when you go from sharing an office to being home alone all day. And I don’t mean sharing an office … Read More June 9th-June 15th: Week in Review

June 2nd-8th: Week in Review

I had big plans for this week: finish the rest of my business set up to-do list, renew my gym membership, record some videos for Minute Marketing, wash my car… And then I got sick and then none of that gone done. Le Sigh. This week I’m very grateful for Trello and my systems I have in place to keep myself on track…I definitely … Read More June 2nd-8th: Week in Review

May 26th-June 1st: Week in Review

Wow this week was busy! Luckily, I’ve found something that, if not totally keeping me sane, makes me feel like I have a better handle on life that I (probably) actually do. I read The Miracle Morning for Real Estate Agents awhile ago, but never committed to actually trying out the Miracle Morning. However, after hearing Hal Elrod speak a few times on podcasts and … Read More May 26th-June 1st: Week in Review

May 19th-25th: Week in Review

This week was…interesting. It really is a big deal to dramatically change your life. I don’t think I can overstate that. Up until now, I was really sailing through the process. Sure, it’s been hard because I’ve had to work so hard and I’m (still) exhausted. But I wasn’t overly scared about the prospect of being on my own and supporting myself. I was … Read More May 19th-25th: Week in Review

May 12th-May 18th: Week in Review

The official launch of Minute Marketing went great – I am so honored and floored by all the support messages I received! I truly have best the best community, friends, family, and boyfriend. Just blessed. In order to keep myself accountable and to hopefully avoid slipping into bad habits, I’m going to start chronicling the weeks of my life over here. The idea being … Read More May 12th-May 18th: Week in Review