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New Publication!

My short story, Winter’s Cry, was published in the summer issue of The Copperfield Review yesterday. This is the first historical fiction story I wrote, based on true events.

In Which I Require Your Opinion

Good people of the interwebs! love hearing from and interacting with all you writers and bibliophiles so much, I thought I’d ask your opinion. I graduated from college in June. During the last few months leading up to the end, I couldn’t wait to get back to working on finishing the first draft of my YA novel (I am more than halfway through the … Read More In Which I Require Your Opinion

What Kind of Writer Are You? (The Dark Globe)

Are you a Pantser, Plotter, Adventurer, or Strategist? Let me know at The Dark Globe.

Short Fiction: The Unicorn’s Girl

A Writer’s Book of Days Prompt for June 25th The Unicorn’s Girl by Shannon Fox In the Italian quarter, she drove her car past old Italian men seated outside of cafes, drinking their morning coffees. The stereo was playing a Radiohead song as she turned the heat up higher, blowing hot gusts across her eyes and nose. Tentatively, Emily parked her car in the … Read More Short Fiction: The Unicorn’s Girl

Open Mic Etiquette (The Dark Globe)

Yesterday I put up a post on Open Mic Etiquette on The Dark Globe. Recent events have convinced me that perhaps we all need a little refresher 🙂

You Can’t Teach Writing

You can’t teach writing. So why even bother going for a degree in it, or to any workshops or conferences at all? Because you can’t teach writing to people who don’t love it, who don’t have any talent for it, who don’t want to lose themselves in it every time they set a pencil to paper. And for those talented writers willing to live … Read More You Can’t Teach Writing

Make Good Art

My friend showed me this today and it was too good not to share. Make good art ❤ (source)

Surgeon: Thoughts on the Revision Process

“Writing is Rewriting” -Richard North Patterson I’m about ready to tear my hair out because I’m rewriting so many different things that I can no longer tell what’s actually made it into my story and what’s coming from my head. I try and keep things pretty even keel by working on one project at a time, only one per day, and still, I find … Read More Surgeon: Thoughts on the Revision Process

Let The Games Begin! The Dark Globe Create A World Writing Contest Has Officially Begun!!

Originally posted on Legendary Post:
The Time Has Come!! Writers To Your Pens!!! Time for The Official Rules Etc. The Official Rules; 1) Writers are Allowed 1,200 Words to Write a Short Story, or Part of a Story. 2) There Are 7 Judges, None of which will be Partaking in the Contest 3) The Contest Begins Today, April 1st, 2012, and goes through April…

Zombie Apocalypse

I was inspired by this prompt from Chuck Wendig’s site, Terribleminds. (If you aren’t familiar with Wendig, I highly recommend you check out his site. He’s crass, crude, and irreverent, but he’s a genius. And hysterically funny.) I chose the prompt of Penthouse Apartment During the Apocalypse. In the process, I managed to break the few rules Wendig set for the prompt and write … Read More Zombie Apocalypse

Local San Diego: Eileen Myles

UCSD New Writing Series Presents Eileen Myles, 3/12/12 This is the image they used to advertising Myles’s reading. To me, it kind of sums her up perfectly. As an artist, as a writer, as a poet, she is incredibly human. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to her read at UCSD three times now and every time I am amazed by how utterly normal … Read More Local San Diego: Eileen Myles

Dedication, Resolve, Commitment, and Self-Reliance in Any Form

I’m about ten weeks into my new fitness regimen. What that looks like is five days at the gym (three days weight training, two days cardio) and another three days at the barn. I’ve been working with a personal trainer, mostly because I knew it wouldn’t be enough to hold myself accountable to myself. And it’s been great. I feel like I’m getting stronger/healthier. … Read More Dedication, Resolve, Commitment, and Self-Reliance in Any Form