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2021 in Review

2021: the year the pandemic raged on, I struggled through it like everyone, and read some big, chonky books. Looking back over the year, about 1/3 of what I read was over 500 pages! I did read some good books though and I’ll be catching up on my reviews in 2022. If you missed my last post, my goal this year is to return … Read More 2021 in Review

2020 In Review

Better later than never with this review! In 2019, I read a grand total of fourteen books. In 2020, I’m proud to say I significantly improved that and read forty-eight books. Part of that was the pandemic. It helped that my life got dramatically unscheduled, though not unbusy. Part of that was me finally settling into my new life. I have noticed whenever I … Read More 2020 In Review

2019 in Review

This year I read a grand total of fourteen books. Fourteen! So while I am sticking with the same year-end format I’ve used every year since I started this blog way back in 2011(!), for some categories I chose not to give an answer because I had so few options I felt like my answers would become default answers. I had a tough year … Read More 2019 in Review

2018 in Review

It should come as no surprised to anyone who’s been paying attention that this year was incredibly BUSY! If you needed a marker to go by though, I read less than half as much as I did in 2017. I made my Goodreads goal, but only after I adjust it a time or two or six. Apologies in advance for a pretty boring book … Read More 2018 in Review


2017 in Review

2017 IN REVIEW: I think I echo the sentiments of many when I say this year just hurtled by. Seriously, I think 2017 was in a race to see how quickly it could get to 2018. Which is maybe just as well. 2017 was the kind of year that (continuing the trainwreck of 2016) made you really wonder about the fate of humanity and … Read More 2017 in Review


2016: The Year of the Good Book

2016 IN REVIEW: 2016 was a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing it was to me personally was The Year of the Good Book. I may have had whiplash from the terrible things, bad news, and even worse luck that rained down on us this year, but at least I had many wonderful books for comfort! HOW MANY BOOKS … Read More 2016: The Year of the Good Book


2015: A Year in Books

2015 IN REVIEW: HOW MANY BOOKS READ IN 2015? – 46 books FICTION/NON-FICTION? –   37 Fiction /   9 Non-Fiction MALE/FEMALE AUTHORS? –    21  Male /  14 Female   OLDEST BOOK READ? – The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling (1894)   NEWEST BOOK READ? – Crimson Shore by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Nov. 2015)   LONGEST BOOK READ? – A Dance With Dragons by … Read More 2015: A Year in Books


2014 In Review

2014: A Year in Books View my lists for 2011,  2012, and 2013 2014 in Review: How many books read in 2014? -34 Fiction/Non-Fiction? –   30 Fiction /  3 Non-Fiction Male/Female authors? –    22 Male /   7 Female Oldest book read? –Aristotle’s Poetics (300ish B.C.E.) Newest book read? –Lullabies (September 16th, 2014) Longest book read? –The Best American Non-Required Reading 2011 (528 pages) Shortest … Read More 2014 In Review

2013: A Year in Books

View my lists for 2011 and 2012 2013 in Review: How many books read in 2013? – 35 Fiction/Non-Fiction? –  33 Fiction /  2 Non-Fiction Male/Female authors? –   15 Male /  13 Female Oldest book read? –On the Road by Jack Kerouac (1957) Newest book read? –Shadowlands by Kate Brian (Jan. 2013) Longest book read? A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin (1060 pages) Shortest … Read More 2013: A Year in Books

2012: A Year in Books

View my list for 2011 2012 in Review: How many books read in 2012? -104 Fiction/Non-Fiction? – 93 Fiction / 11 Non-Fiction Male/Female authors? –  44 Male / 32 Female Oldest book read? -Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll (1865) Newest book read? –Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me by Ellen Forney (November 6th, 2012) Longest book read? … Read More 2012: A Year in Books