Cursed Collectibles

Spend an afternoon antiquing and it’s not hard to figure out why picking has become one of America’s fondest pastimes. It’s treasure hunting while connecting with history. But what if those treasures hunt us back?

From old books, to vinyl records, antique mirrors, vintage figurines, or a Bob’s Big Boy piggy bank, curses have no limits.

Cursed Collectibles contains my short story, "The Garden Party."



"Creepy, scary, freak-you out. But in a good way. I loved the collection of stories. Think little red riding hood meets Stephen King. No, more like Hermione Granger’s wierdo little sister working at Needful Things. Or maybe “The Twilight Zone” in short story form, put together by a group of authors who are totally fine if you’re a bit haunted by the imagery provoked by these tales. Great fun—I highly recommend them!"


“This is an amazing collection of intriguing stories by a group of obviously talented authors. I've even met a few of them at a comic convention. They are passionate about what they do, and this collection is very professional. I'll continue to buy their anthologies. I haven't been disappointed yet.”