DreamForge Magazine Issue 11

In all worlds and times, our tales revolve around those individuals and groups who bring meaning and value to the world, whose actions are of consequence, and whose dreams are the vanguard of things to come. Whether you call that Solarpunk, Hopepunk, or just DreamForge stories, you’ll find them here.

Time and space are indifferent to our existence, yet without our struggles to bring it meaning, the whole of the cosmos is irrelevant. Inside each mind waits a universe. We can be the creators that dream the world.

In Issue # 11 we offer an exciting diversity of tales, ranging from the treasure hunting drama of “Pour One Out,” by Shannon Fox to the hunt for an Ancient fish, whose giant heart can reveal the future in “Where Rivers Meet,” by Indiana Tilford. We get a set of steak knives for letting the magic wand salesman do his pitch, and we watch as Arthur Conan Doyle tanks his reputation to save the Cottingley Fairies.



“The stories were both heart-warming and thoughtful, plenty of twists and turns!”


“I love this magazine. I'm tired of dystopian darkness, and downer stories and novels that seem to be everywhere, so this magazine was a huge breath of fresh-air.”