Featured Poem: We Are Alive. We Are for Everything

By Daniela Danz

How does beginning go how does
remembering without forgetting go
in front of me in the snow a man
his back lonesome somber
how does beginning go not remembering
flashes of light that showed him images when he
was a boy quick and blinding see the shadows
in the light how does not-remembering go
listen to the hissing see the light
and Germany’s lightness
how bright Germany is like soot
like images quick and blinding how does
beginning go smell the snow
it’s new it fell in the night
in the dark gets forgotten
in images quick listen to the snow
it lies light like linen
something’s burning a hissing somber
like images at night on walls listen
to the hissing smell the smell of burning
look at the soot on a white background
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