Introducing My First Solo eBook!

Empire’s Song is Out Now!

My first solo eBook is out today on Amazon! At about 50 pages long, it’s a quick, fun read. You can get it for free as part of Kindle Unlimited or $2.99 otherwise. The paperback will be coming in just a few short weeks.

I hope you enjoy the adventure 🚀 💫

Click here to get the book now on Amazon.

About Empire’s Song

Stolen from his home among the outer planets, Ben-Hurion serves the Empire’s fearsome god as an Auralist. For years, he’s longed to break free of the church’s control to return to those he loves but hasn’t had an opportunity—until now.

Before his successor can be named, an assassination attempt is made on the Empire’s most powerful leader. Ben-Hurion is charged with keeping the man alive until the end of the convocation. Do that, and he’ll have enough coin to secure passage for his family off their home planet.

From his newfound position, however, Ben-Hurion will quickly discover that such important tasks are rarely what they seem, and both great danger and great opportunity lurk in every shadowy corner.

Find it on Amazon now – click here!

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