The Unhelpful Encyclopedia returns for another adventure into the deep, dark, creepy, crawly places of the world. Lift up a few rocks to find the murderous machinations of your garden-variety pests, multi-legged specimens from other worlds, and seldom-witnessed hard-shelled giants forgotten by time but never by the survivors. Each of the twenty tales in the Murderbugs anthology features an encounter with a different arthropod, who might play the villain, victim, or victor. So kick back in your mosquito net and enjoy illustrated installments from Desmond Astaire, David Hankins, N. V. Haskell, Ryan Cole, and more.

Murderbugs contains my short story, "Gold Bug Fever."



Love these stories! So much fun to read! Great collection! Will read more than once. Too many favorites! Highly recommended!


Creepy crawly fun!