New Stuff Coming to Isleofbooks

I’m making some changes around here!

1) On my author spotlights, I’m going to be posting links to book reviews of that author’s books on other blogger sites. That way you can still benefit from the individual book review if you want. Also, one of the reasons I do author spotlights is because I don’t want to write a review for multiple books by the same author. Hence, a big ‘ol page devoted to their awesomeness. In the next few weeks, I’ll be going back into my old posts and adding those in.

2) I want to start posting reviews/thoughts/musings of book readings/author readings I go to around San Diego. I’m lucky that UCSD provides so many great writers to us (for free!). I’ve been to many of these before and have enjoyed every one of them. If you’re local, check out the UCSD New Writing Series, hosted by the Literature Department.

3) Anything else? What do you want to see?

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