Particular Passages

Down a forgotten hallway lie rooms no one has entered.

Each room contains a world waiting to be explored.

Some beautiful and full of wonder, other dark and full of terrors.

You won't know which until you step inside.

So take a deep breath, and open the door...

Particular Passages contains my short story, "The Pirate Prince of the Barbary Coast."



“The passages in the stories are varied, and not just the doors and hallways the cover would lead you to expect. Nor are the stories mundane and expected. They vary greatly, from a dragon being taught a valuable lesson, to a self-actualizing AI.”


“Throughout our lives, we open doors both physical and metaphorical, often not knowing what lies in the passageways beyond. In this case, you can be sure that behind at least a few of these doors, you will find something you like.”