Featured Poem: A Lending Library

A Lending Library by Rachel Loden

This is a book of meteors, as well fiery and ayrie as watry and earthy; by W.F., Doctor in Divinitie.

This book is held together by a rubber band.

This book fell on the head of a girl in Perth, who read it and founded a new school of poetry.

This book irritated Thoth, the Egyptian god of scribes.

This book is a trap door into the underworld, twelve pairs of tattered shoes, and the hapless dozing of young men.

This book has a small wormhole in the margin.

I’m afraid to put this book on top of that book. They both bruise so easily.

This book was made by Wang Jie on behalf of his two parents on the thirteenth of the fourth moon of the ninth year of Xiantong.

This book contains certain grievances.

My secret name for this book: ‘Mam’selle Fifi.”

This book smells like a hot night in a Greek prison and the groin of a voluptuary.

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