Featured Poem: Time

Time by Charles Bukowski

one collapses and surrenders

not out of choice

or lack of intelligence

or bad teeth

or bad diet

one surrenders

because that’s the BEST MOVIE


once I was so disgusted

with the working of things

that I dialed the time

and listened to the voice

over and over again:

“it’s now 10:18 and 20 seconds

it’s now 10:18 and 30 seconds…”

I didn’t like the voice

and I didn’t care what time it was

yet I listened.

satisfied now

I’m glad somebody stole my last watch

it was so difficult to read

satisifed now

I’ve got a new one

it has a black face and

white hands

and I sit there and watch

the second hand

the minute hand

the hour hand

as outside

caterpillars crawl my walls

and finally fall

like empires

like old dead loves

and new loves


night’s best

with my black-faced watch

with white hands.

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