Reading Spaces: A Towering Pile of Books

I was sick recently and how I passed one of the days consisted of rearranging my bookshelves and creating my TBR stack. I posted a picture of it on Instagram here, but the pile is about 3 feet tall. It’s definitely become a problem in the last year or so that I have more books than fit on my bookshelf. This was the result both of loosening up on my ban against buying books and actually reading some of the books on my shelf which were the start of a series which read to me buying the rest of the series and then loving it so I kept them all. Anyway. I am very particular about how I like the house to be. A towering stack of books with no home does not fit that vision. But. While browsing Houzz looking at images of reading spaces, I found quite a few pictures where the stack of books just worked and even added something to the space. And, the advantage of a stack of books is that any space automatically becomes a reading space. Just hopefully you don’t decide you want to read the book at the bottom of the pile.

All images via Houzz

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