Stonewhisper: A Crimson Fang Novel by H.Y. Gregor

Erion spends his days fighting Daemanon’s monsters and his nights skirting the line between criminal and victim. He’s stuck as a hired thug for the Crimson Fang-forced to pay his father’s debt as he tries to keep the Fang from discovering his younger brother’s potent Life Magic. When Erion kills the wrong man, he gives the Fang exactly what they need to bring him into their criminal ranks.

When a Guardian of Pelinon arrives to investigate a series of disappearances, Erion and his dodgy allies unearth the truth of the disappearances buried beneath layers of stone, secrets, and death.

Necromancers weave dark rites. Chaos erupts. For Erion, is there any good in being a hero if there’s no one left to save?

Stonewhisper cements H.Y. Gregor as a talented new voice in fantasy. An addictive blend of action, magic, and banter that thrills from start to finish. Part of the Eldros Legacy collaborative universe, Stonewhisper provided an accessible entry point into a sprawling world. Erion is the kind of flawed, morally gray protagonist I love. Someone caught between trying to do the right thing for the right reasons but in the wrong way. At his side are a dynamic cast of side characters that steal every scene. The plot’s mystery is well-paced, unfolding in just the right way that allows the reader to do the deductive work themselves alongside Erion. The politics of the criminal underworld and the larger world beyond it are well-explained, making the story feel viscerally real. Do yourself a favor and binge-read Stonewhisper today!

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Interested in the prequel short story? “Fang and Fortune” is available for free on H.Y. Gregor’s website!

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