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Featured Poem: Wellfleet

By Boomer Pinches THE PAST IS KINDLING. We are plagiarists of the unwritten And the present keeps hanging around Like a girl I owe money to. The October beaches are quiet Without you. This morning drifts Of sand hissed along the shore Like mist, the wind feeling out its own shape, And I thought about the words I would use to re-create it for … Read More Featured Poem: Wellfleet


Featured Poem: Tempus

By Boomer Pinches   ANY MOMENT NOW I ran away from home. It was only my home the way an ocean is only water. Most of the days passed me by but a few of them I had to carry myself. The villagers talk of phantom limbs, those parts of you gone missing that you can still feel. But do they still feel you? Shrugs, … Read More Featured Poem: Tempus