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A Preview of Tahereh Mafi’s New Novel and Other Bookish News

Enjoying this new series? I’ll be back next week with the latest rumblings in the literary world! -Check out this preview on EW for author Tahereh Mafi’s first contemporary fiction novel, A Very Large Expanse of Sea, based on her own life and experiences as a Muslim-American growing up post 9/11. And damn, I just have to say, that preview is powerful. -How to DIY … Read More A Preview of Tahereh Mafi’s New Novel and Other Bookish News

Reading Spaces: Home Office Inspiration

This weekend is shaping up to be another busy one, but I am so excited because I bought a new bookshelf for my garage office! So I can finally try to get the clutter under control. My garage office is not nearly as glamorous as the ones I’m drooling over below, but we all have to start somewhere, right? All images via Houzz


Reading Spaces: Dark and Moody

It’s finally starting to feel like winter here in San Diego. The skies have been grey, the temperatures cold, the nights foggy…it even rained a bit this week! All this wintery weather has got me leaning towards dark wood and moody home libraries. I hope you enjoy this week’s Reading Spaces, which is a departure from my usual light and bright spaces! All images … Read More Reading Spaces: Dark and Moody


Reading Spaces: Happy New Year!

Is it too late to wish everyone a Happy New Year? Yes? Well, I’m going to do it anyway. I hope 2018 brings you all the books you want, the comfiest places to read them in, the most delicious cups of tea, and the most tolerant of significant others to turn a blind eye to the piles of books slowly overtaking the house. Happy … Read More Reading Spaces: Happy New Year!


Reading Spaces: Holiday Homes

The holidays are here! My house has been decorated since the day after Thanksgiving and I am loving the extra sparkles, pillows, and twinkle lights that have temporary taken over my living room. It makes my reading space feel extra cozy! In this week’s Reading Spaces, I’m sharing some of my favorite festive ideas! All images via Houzz


Reading Spaces: Secret Passage Bookshelf

I don’t know why, but whenever I see a bookshelf that slides or swings to reveal a hidden passageway or room beyond, I always think of The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. Which makes this Reading Spaces post kind of holiday appropriate since the children cross over into a Narnia that is frozen in perpetual winter. All images via Houzz  


Reading Spaces: Reading Perch

I always look forward to the holidays. Not merely because they’re fun, sparkly, and overflowing with tasty eats and drinks, but because everything slows down just a little bit and I can manage to squeeze in just a little bit more reading time. I’ve been reading very slowly this month, but with two bookclub books due (that I have yet to even start) I … Read More Reading Spaces: Reading Perch


Reading Spaces: Kitchen Reading Nook

All of these kitchen nooks look like the perfect place to curl up with a cup of tea, something sweet to munch on, and of course, a great book! All images via Houzz


Reading Spaces: Built-In Reading Nooks

I love how clean these built-in spaces are! While there’s something to be said for DIY options, you can’t beat the clean, organized look of actual built-in reading nooks! All images via Houzz    


Reading Spaces: Arched Bookshelves

I really like these arched bookshelves as an alternative to traditional shelves. They still feel very classic, yet add an element of interest to the room! All images via Houzz


Reading Spaces: Rustic Libraries

I visited Colorado last weekend and even though it isn’t particularly rural where my family and friends live, going home to the mountains always puts me in that country frame of mind. This week’s Reading Spaces is dedicated to rustic home libraries and reading nooks! All images via Houzz


Reading Spaces: More Cozy Reading Corners

I’m traveling a lot this month which means a good portion of my reading time is going to happen on a plane or in an uncomfortable chair in the airport, trying to ignore other people. On my last flight, the guy sitting in the row behind me insisted on singing -SINGING!- to himself which meant I had to drown him out with my headphones … Read More Reading Spaces: More Cozy Reading Corners