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In Defense of Hannah Horvath (Girls)

Spoilers: If you haven’t seen this past week’s episode of Girls (I Get Ideas), don’t read. Lena Dunham’s character on Girls, Hannah Horvath, is a stereotype in the best way and the worst way. But we do know that behind every stereotype is a grain of truth. The Bad: Hannah is kind of crazy and neurotic and thinks she’s the world’s best writer. The … Read More In Defense of Hannah Horvath (Girls)

Symbolism Part 3: Patterns (Legends Undying)

Yesterday, I posted the third and final part of my series on the Legends Undying site. I deconstructed the symbolism of patterns. Read it here.  

Symbolism in Three Parts (Legends Undying)

I’m starting a three part series on symbolism and how it can help us become better writers and individuals. The first part is up today on Legends Undying.

Walking Your Way to a Finished Novel

I’ve already blogged about the effects of health and fitness on writing here. But today, I have some additional thoughts to share. I adopted a dog from the animal shelter last week. His name is Elliot, after T.S. Elliot. So far, he is turning into the world’s most awesome dog. Fortunately for me and my writing projects, I was fortunate to snag a dog … Read More Walking Your Way to a Finished Novel