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New Adventures

Alright guys. I’m finally done moving. Still reading Game of Thrones. But I haven’t forgotten about you/this blog.

I also started writing as a contributor this website, Dressage Daily. It’s a website about horses and the sport I do, dressage.

My first article was published on Monday.

Charlotte Jorst and Vitalis


Also, for some reason my Twitter has been getting a lot of activity. So if you want to follow me, too, you can do it here.

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Falling Behind and Other Stories

I’m a cheater. I admit it.

This does not make me happy. In order to rectify the situation, I’m going to be reading a slew of skinny/easy-to-read books. I am cheating. I know. I also kind of don’t care.

The point of this post is essentially to say there might not be a lot of action on the blog. I’m not sure how much I’m going to read that will be of a quality I want to rave about on here.

In order news, I went to a horse show this past weekend and you can watch me ride on my Youtube channel.