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Falling Behind and Other Stories

I’m a cheater. I admit it. This does not make me happy. In order to rectify the situation, I’m going to be reading a slew of skinny/easy-to-read books. I am cheating. I know. I also kind of don’t care. The point of this post is essentially to say there might not be a lot of action on the blog. I’m not sure how much … Read More Falling Behind and Other Stories

Independent Book Blogger Awards

I entered Isle of Books into The Independent Book Blogger Awards, hosted by Goodreads. You can vote for my blog between April 10th and April 23rd. (You must be a Goodreads member to vote). The winner of each of the four categories (Adult Fiction, Adult Non-Fiction, Young Adult & Children’s, Publishing Industry) wins a trip to the Book Expo America in NYC! Vote for … Read More Independent Book Blogger Awards