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Featured Poem: Invocation to Joyce

By Jose Luis Borges Scattered over scattered cities, alone and many we played at being that Adam who gave names to all living things. Down the long slopes of night that border on the dawn, we sought (I still remember) words for the moon, for death, for the morning, and for man’s other habits. We were imagism, cubism, the conventicles and sects respected now … Read More Featured Poem: Invocation to Joyce


Featured Poem: Plain Things

By Jose Luis Borges My walking-stick, small change, key-ring, The docile lock and the belated Notes my few days left will grant No time to read, the cards, the table, A book, in its pages, that pressed Violet, the leavings of an afternoon Doubtless unforgettable, forgotten, The reddened mirror facing to the west Where burns illusory dawn. Many things, Files, sills, atlases, wine-glasses, nails, … Read More Featured Poem: Plain Things