Minute Marketing, Week in Review

May 12th-May 18th: Week in Review

The official launch of Minute Marketing went great – I am so honored and floored by all the support messages I received! I truly have best the best community, friends, family, and boyfriend. Just blessed.


In order to keep myself accountable and to hopefully avoid slipping into bad habits, I’m going to start chronicling the weeks of my life over here. The idea being that knowing I have to write these posts will keep me from doing anything I’d be embarrassed to admit that I did (like spend an afternoon binge-watching Shameless instead of working).

So here we go!

Saturday I worked for most of the day, but I found time to run a few errands and I took my dog, Elliot, for a walk. I also ran into my neighbors who had some amazing news and I am so stoked for them!!

We rent the house we live in, but I love it. I wish it was at least one bedroom bigger, but it’s super cute and we have the best neighbors. I literally picked this place off of Craigslist 3? 4? years ago, toured it, wrote the application that night, and moved into what has been a dream situation. That’s one of the many things I’m super grateful for, after moving so much during college, to have landed in the best situation. And the landlord is awesome, too!

On Saturday night, the boyfriend and I finally got around to watching Infinity War. INSANE!! We got dinner beforehand at Rubio’s and it ended up being free because the new guy rang us up and majorly messed up. It almost made us late to the movie which was a little stressful, but luckily I had bought tickets online and this theater lets you reserve your seats. Overall, it was really nice to have an evening off.

Sunday, I also worked and then we celebrated Mother’s Day with my boyfriend’s family. My mom lives in Colorado, but I am proud of myself that I managed to sort out the gifts and get them delivered in time with everything else that was going on. I like picking out and giving gifts, so I always handle that. We got Korean BBQ with his family and then we got ice cream at a shop around the corner (Ocean Rainbow) that also served Mexican-style desserts.

Monday, I went to the barn bright and early to ride Pia, my younger horse, before going to my old office for a bit to do some training. Then I did some work before tuning in to my Writer’s Group in the evening. My neighbor is in the group, too, but the other members actually live in different states so we hop onto Discord to talk about the pages that were submitted this week. A couple of us have never met in person so I can tell we’re getting more comfortable with each other every week.

Tuesday, I didn’t get as much work done because I had some errands and things to do. But I went and looked at new office chairs because the “leather” on my current one is literally peeling off over my kitchen. It gives me anxiety because of how messy it makes the floor look. My office is currently in the kitchen because it’s starting to get warm. Tuesday night I celebrated my friend K’s birthday. We tried a place close to my house that I had never been to before: Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ. It was SO good! If you like Korean BBQ, you will like this place. It was a bit expensive though, so more of a special occasion option I think.

Wednesday, I also started the day at the barn with Pia. In the afternoon, I met with one of my clients and their new team member. Then I went to the chiropractor who is one of my favorite people because he is a miracle worker. Go see Dr. Brady with Walk-In Chiropractic in Pacific Beach!

Thursday, I worked basically the whole day in anticipation of heading to a conference on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday, I went to a Facebook Ads workshop in San Diego with Rick Mulready and that was super great! I learned so much and met some great people AND…I met Amy Porterfield. Amy is pretty instrumental in me being where I am right now. When I decided that I wanted to use my marketing skills to help people, I randomly saw this FB ad from Amy for a free webinar she was doing. I knew her name, but I’d never engaged with her content before and I felt like it was a sign I had made a good decision because the webinar topic was spookily about what I had just decided in my head I wanted to do. I did the webinar and I’ve been a fan ever since. That ad was just the first of many spooky beautiful signs I’ve received since then that I’m meant to walk this path. And I’m just so grateful to Amy for continuing to give tons of value to her fans. I pretty much cried when I met her and she let me give her a hug.

I was tired after the conference on Friday…I haven’t had to focus on one thing for that long in several weeks. So Friday night I took the night off and the boyfriend and I went to The Crafty Butchers for a sandwich and a beer.

What I’m Reading:

Ghost Bully by Brain Corley (review coming soon!)

Building a StoryBrand by Donald Miller

The Book That Matters Most by Ann Hood

What I’m Listening To:

The Youpreneur Podcast – Chris Ducker was a guest on a few other podcasts I listen to so I recently subscribed to and started listening to his podcast and I’m OBSESSED. I have been binging on the episodes. Luckily there are a lot of them and I spent a fair amount of time this week driving around.

Snow Patrol is releasing a new album, Wildness, and I pre-ordered it through iTunes (yes, I use iTunes) so I have been listening to the singles that have already been released.

Also discovered The Killers released a new album last fall, Wonderful, Wonderful, so I downloaded and have been listening to that as well.

What I’m Watching:

I actually listened to this (rather than watched) but this video from Sunny Lenarduzzi was gold.

What I’m Loving:

That berries are back in season! I love raspberries and strawberries. I just wish they weren’t so expensive and didn’t go bad so quickly 😦

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One-Third of the Way

Remember this post? Where I talked about whether or not I wanted to follow along with this little scrap of a story? I’ve now written over 50,000 words…which is approximately 1/3 of the first draft I’ve goaled for myself (about 150,000 words).

This is my first time working on something essentially from scratch since I graduated from school (with all of my accumulated knowledge). Usually, I’ve been working on my older projects, trying to work with a more immature voice and bring it on board with where I am. And this way has been sooo much more freeing.

There’s a few things I’ve learned in the last year that have really helped my writing process and made a huge difference for my productivity.

1) Before you stop writing for the day, make a note of what you want to write next/what comes next to the plot. To someone who makes a very loose plan for my work, this has proved invaluable. That way, even if I feel super unmotivated on a particular day, I at least know what I have to do next so at the very least, I can write one scene for the day. Which often turns into two or three or more…

2) Learning to silence your inner critic. Okay, I know everyone talks about this. But it’s really so important. I used to wonder if the way I was structuring my story was weird. Or if it was weird that I write really short sections. Or if it’s weird how I put my paragraphs together. Whenever my inner critic comes up, I fight it back with these words:

It’s my style.

Doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. That’s what revision is for. What matters is getting the story down. Fill in the lines and shadows later.

3) At this point, I have a pretty good idea of how I work. Which goes along with #2. I’m okay with it now. I know that I go in a little slow, lay down all my groundwork, the secrets, and the lies, so that in act 2, everything can start to explode, like a field of mines. Act 3 is for damage control. Boom. My personal writing strategy/style

So that’s where I am. Lighting the fuse and stepping back to watch the fireworks.


Why I Find the Library Depressing

I went to the public library on Monday, for the first time in a long while. I have to say, the San Diego library system is kind of pathetic. Or maybe I just lived near an exceptionally awesome library growing up in Colorado. But more likely the former. Not that it’s entirely the fault of the San Diego library system. Let’s do a little math, shall we:

less money = less hours + less books

While I was clicking around in the library catalogue yesterday, I couldn’t help, but feel that most of the books I wanted to read just weren’t available. And they weren’t even obscure books either. I couldn’t find a copy of A Wrinkle in Time. I understand it was probably just checked out. But seriously, that book is older than dirt. It’s not like there’s an extensive waiting list for it. Furthermore, it’s a children’s classic (which I have still never read). I can’t believe they only have one copy.

I know I could just request the book from another branch, but the branch I was at doesn’t even have some of the books in its own collection. Which I also find depressing.




I left with five books, but not one of them was what I originally set out to find. There weren’t any copies available of Looking for Alaska or An Abundance of Katherines by John Green nor the novel Train Dreams by Denis Johnson, a novella that has garnered a lot of attention. I was also looking for Veronica Roth’s new book, Insurgent.

Every time I go in the library, I leave with a general sense of dissatisfaction. With all the hundreds of books being published each year, only a very small amount of them go on to live a second life in the library. I was sitting and looking at the books and thinking that while it looks like they have a lot of books, they really don’t. Those shelves contain selections of every book that has ever been. Which is really not a great thing to have laid before you as an aspiring author. So many books, but so many that never even get filtered into the library. What happens to all the rest of the books? Once their print run is extinguished in bookstores, is that just it?

Sadly, I think it is.

Luckily, there is Amazon.

I love Amazon. I just don’t want to accept that one of my favorite childhood haunts is becoming obsolete.

Have you noticed similar things at your library? Less money, less hours, less books, less satisfaction?

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Falling Behind and Other Stories

I’m a cheater. I admit it.

This does not make me happy. In order to rectify the situation, I’m going to be reading a slew of skinny/easy-to-read books. I am cheating. I know. I also kind of don’t care.

The point of this post is essentially to say there might not be a lot of action on the blog. I’m not sure how much I’m going to read that will be of a quality I want to rave about on here.

In order news, I went to a horse show this past weekend and you can watch me ride on my Youtube channel.

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An Extended About Me

I feel kind of anonymous on this blog. This isn’t a personal blog, so that’s okay. But I’m going to do a personal post anyway.

I’m from Colorado. It’s not that cold. It does not snow as much as people think it does. It is really windy. Like Chicago-style Sunday. Without the deep-dish crust and 600 calories of cheese.

I graduated from high school in 2008 and moved to San Diego for college. No I’m not tan. I will never be tan. I will die of skin cancer before I tan. And I’m not a fan of dying. I have an extensive bucket list to take care of first.

I have a horse. His name is Escobar. I did not name him- really, how cool do you think I am? Here’s his picture:

Cute, huh? He’s a Hannoverian. Which is just a big German breed of horse. He does not jump. He is, in fact, terrified of jumps. He is terrified of most things, actually. We do dressage. Here’s another picture of me riding him in a show:

Go to YouTube and type in ‘Dressage’. Then type in ‘Dressage Freestyle’. Watch lots and lots of horse videos.

I live with my roommate and her cat and her rabbit. The cat pulls her hair out. Yeah, we don’t know either. Neurotic, I guess. The rabbit is pretty bitchin’ though. Like if there was a constant between the cat and the horse and the rabbit (size notwithstanding), the rabbit would totally kill it. He’s way too brave for being like four pounds.

I also like long walks on the beach. No, but seriously. As long as it’s warm out. Yes, I am from Colorado. Yes, I think it is cold in San Diego in the winter. Yes I’m serious- why do you think I moved?

I study Literature-Writing and am working on a minor in Film Studies. Pretty much I read, write, and watch movies. Sweet deal. I learn vicariously through other people. I studied French for somewhere around nine years- I can read and write fluently. Speaking is, ahem, a separate matter entirely. We’ll call it functional. That seems appropriate.

I make crafts in my spare time and I sell things on-line through Etsy. I’m also a good cook. Not a good baker. Chocolate chip cookies are so difficult for me to make. Yeah, I don’t know either.

I like music, but I can’t sing. Once upon a time, I played the viola. I like dancing, but I can’t dance. See obsession with chick-flick dance films (Bring It On, I’m looking at you). I like the ocean and stuff, but I don’t swim very well. I like photography, but I wouldn’t consider myself good at it.

What am I good at? Loving people.

Feel free to ask me more questions. I’ll probably answer them. Probably.

Oh and follow me on Instagr.am: @feelingfoxy7