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One Horn to Rule Them All

One Horn to Rule Them All: A Purple Unicorn Anthology Unicorns, with their single ivory horn, are elusive and magical creatures of myth. Yet even more elusive are the purple unicorns. First sighted at the Superstars Writing Seminar, their legend has grown year after year until it could only be contained in this anthology. Nineteen storytellers, including Peter S. Beagle, Todd McCaffrey, and Jody … Read More One Horn to Rule Them All


2016: The Year of the Good Book

2016 IN REVIEW: 2016 was a lot of things to a lot of people, but one thing it was to me personally was The Year of the Good Book. I may have had whiplash from the terrible things, bad news, and even worse luck that rained down on us this year, but at least I had many wonderful books for comfort! HOW MANY BOOKS … Read More 2016: The Year of the Good Book


The Honor Was Mine

A very special post today on Isle of Books, as we remember the fallen on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. For all those who serve at home and abroad. For all those civilians who have lost their lives to terrorists. And for all those who gave their lives in service to their country. We remember you. The Honor Was Mine by Elizabeth Heaney When … Read More The Honor Was Mine


9 Best Dystopian Fiction Novels

Since I did a roundup of the 9 Best Apocalyptic Fiction Novels a few weeks ago, I had to follow that up with my picks for best dystopian fiction novels. As I mentioned in the first post, I draw a distinction between dystopian and apocalyptic fiction. To reiterate, in my opinion, a dystopian novel is one that puts forth the notion of a flawed … Read More 9 Best Dystopian Fiction Novels



By H.W. “Buzz” Bernard Dr. Rob Elwood, a respected geologist, has studied the Cascadia Subduction Zone, a dangerous fault off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, for years. Now he’s having repeated nightmares of a massive earthquake and tsunami striking the region. Knowing he’s placing his reputation and career at risk, he goes public with his premonitions. The quake fails to occur and Rob … Read More Cascadia

The History of Love

The History of Love by Nicole Krauss Leo Gursky taps his radiator each evening to let his upstairs neighbor know he’s still alive. But it wasn’t always like this: in the Polish village of his youth, he fell in love and wrote a book. . . . Sixty years later and half a world away, fourteen-year-old Alma, who was named after a character in … Read More The History of Love

Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most

As always, TTT is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic is top ten books I recommend the most…perfect! 1. The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon 2. Hyperion by Dan Simmons 3. The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides 4. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green 5. 1984 by George Orwell 6. The Passage by Justin Cronin … Read More Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Books I Recommend the Most

American Gods

American Gods by Neil Gaiman Released from prison, Shadow finds his world turned upside down. His wife has been killed; a mysterious stranger offers him a job. But Mr. Wednesday, who knows more about Shadow than is possible, warns that a storm is coming — a battle for the very soul of America . . . and they are in its direct path. My … Read More American Gods

The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides It’s the early 1980s—the country is in a deep recession, and life after college is harder than ever. In the cafés on College Hill, the wised-up kids are inhaling Derrida and listening to Talking Heads. But Madeleine Hanna, dutiful English major, is writing her senior thesis on Jane Austen and George Eliot, purveyors of the marriage plot that … Read More The Marriage Plot


Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov Awe and exhiliration–along with heartbreak and mordant wit–abound in Lolita, Nabokov’s most famous and controversial novel, which tells the story of the aging Humbert Humbert’s obsessive, devouring, and doomed passion for the nymphet Dolores Haze. Lolita is also the story of a hypercivilized European colliding with the cheerful barbarism of postwar America. Most of all, it is a meditation on … Read More Lolita

I Wrote This For You

I Wrote This For You by Pleasefindthis THE DEDICATION LIST To the small. To the star counters. To the cloud watchers. To the inspired. To the birds. To everyone who’s ever cried. To everyone who’s ever tried. To those who pull themselves up off the floor. To those who can still find love in their hearts, even after everything. To those who paint the … Read More I Wrote This For You


Nineteen Eighty-four by George Orwell Among the seminal texts of the 20th century, Nineteen Eighty-Four is a rare work that grows more haunting as its futuristic purgatory becomes more real. Published in 1949, the book offers political satirist George Orwell’s nightmare vision of a totalitarian, bureaucratic world and one poor stiff’s attempt to find individuality. The brilliance of the novel is Orwell’s prescience of … Read More 1984