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Featured Poem: Is It So Hard

By Tyler Knott Gregson

Is it so hard, this challenge

to believe we are the same?

To know that love is love

and we all reach for it,

grasping with tired fingers

and worn out palms.

Hold this hand,

it is yours,

take these fingertips,

they are mine.

Featured Poem, Poetry

Featured Poem: I Want a Life Measured

By Tyler Knott Gregson


I want a life measured

in first steps on foreign soils

and deep breaths

in brand new seas.

I want a life measured

in Welcome Signs,

each stamped

with a different name,

borders marked with metal and paint.

Show me the streets

that don’t know the music

of my meandering feet,

and I will play their song

upon them.

Perfume me please

in the smells of far away,

I will never wash my hair

if it promises to stay.

I want a life measured

in the places I haven’t gone,

short sleeps on long flights,

strange voices teaching me

new words to

describe the dawn.


Featured Poem, Poetry

Featured Poem: We Are All Looking For the Right Reasons

By Tyler Knott Gregson

We are all


for the right


to want to

get out of


each and


bitter cold



**Happy New Year’s Eve. If you still haven’t found your right reasons to get out of bed, I hope that 2015 helps you find them! **