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Featured Poem: Lear

Lear by William Carlos Williams When the world takes over for us and the storm in the trees replaces our brittle consciences (like ships, female to all seas) when the few last yellow leaves stand out like flags on tossed ships at anchor—our minds are rested Yesterday we sweated and dreamed or sweated in our dreams walking at a loss through the bulk of … Read More Featured Poem: Lear

Featured Poem: The Rewaking

The Rewaking by William Carlos Williams Sooner of later we must come to the end of striving to re-establish the image the image of the rose but not yet you say extending the time indefinitely by your love until a whole spring rekindle the violet to the very lady’s-slipper and so by your love the very sun itself is revived

Featured Poem: A Sort of a Song

A Sort of a Song by William Carlos Williams Let the snake wait under his weed and the writhing be of words, slow and quick, sharp to strike, quiet to wait, sleepless. —through metaphor to reconcile the people and the stones. Compose. (No ideas but in things) Invent! Saxifrage is my flower that splits the rocks.

Featured Poem: The Dance

The Dance by William Carlos Williams When the snow falls the flakes spin upon the long axis that concerns them most intimately two and two to make a dance the mind dances with itself, taking you by the hand, your lover follows there are always two, yourself and the other, the point of your shoe setting the pace, if you break away and run … Read More Featured Poem: The Dance

Featured Poem: Song

Song by William Carlos Williams beauty if a shell from the sea where she rules triumphant til love has had its way with her scallops and lion’s paws sculptured to the tune of retreating waves undying accents repeated till the ear and the eye lie down together in the same bed

Featured Poem: The Descent of Winter

The Descent of Winter by William Carlos Williams 9/30 There are no perfect waves— Your writings are a sea full of misspellings and faulty sentences. Level. Troubled A center distant from the land touched by the wings of nearly silent birds that never seen to rest— This is the sadness of the sea— waves like words, all broken— a sameness of lifting and falling … Read More Featured Poem: The Descent of Winter

Featured Poem: Shadows

Shadows by William Carlos Williams I Shadows cast by the street light under the stars, the head is tilted back, the long shadows of the legs presumes a world taken for granted on which the cricket trills. The hollows of the eyes are unpeopled. Right and left climb the ladders of night as dawn races to put out the stars. That is the poetic … Read More Featured Poem: Shadows

Featured Poem: The Botticellian Trees

The Botticellian Trees by William Carlos Williams The alphabet of the trees is fading in the song of the leaves the crossing bars of thin letters that spelled winter and the cold have been illuminated with pointed green— by the rain and sun— The strict simple principles of straight branches are being modified by pinched-out ifs of color, devout conditions the smiles of love— … Read More Featured Poem: The Botticellian Trees

Featured Poem: The Descent

The Descent by William Carlos Williams The descent beckons as the ascent beckoned. Memory is a kind of accomplishment, a sort of renewal even an initiation, since the spaces it opens are new places inhabited by hordes heretofore unrealized, of new kinds— since their movements are toward new objectives (even though formerly they were abandoned). No defeat is made up entirely of defeat—since the … Read More Featured Poem: The Descent

Featured Poem: Between Walls

Between Walls by William Carlos Williams the back wings of the hospital where nothing will grow lie cinders in which shine the broken pieces of a green bottle