Top Ten Tuesday: Book Confessions

1. I dog-ear my pages.

2. I always have to mark out the exact center of the book….sometimes when my OCD is super kicked-up, that will also devolve into quarters and thirds.

3. Whenever I stop reading, I have to stop at the end of a chapter or at the end of a page/paragraph. Extra points if I end on a page number that ends in five or zero.

4. If someone gives me a book to read and says that they love it and I try to read that book and don’t like it, I will say I finished it and liked it.

5. Whenever I’m reading a hardcover, I take off the book jacket.

6. I sometimes underline or highlight good passages in my books.

7. I don’t utilize the library anywhere near as much as I should.

8. I often read several books at once.

9. When I was a kid and I’d get upset or mad, I’d always read to distract myself and make myself feel better. Still works. I got in the habit of reading every night before bed after my last break-up because that was the only way I could sleep.

10. I hoard bookmarks and things that can be used as bookmarks.

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