Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Things on my Reading Wishlist

As always, TTT is hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. This week’s topic: top ten things on my reading wishlist. These are topics I wish authors would write about, settings, time periods, etc.

1. 1890-1900 time period: It’s a time period I’m dealing with now in my own writing and I wish there was more to read that showed how different authors dealt with this period.

2. Colorado: There aren’t a lot of books set in Colorado

3. Dystopian societies: All dystopia, all the time

4. Genetic engineering: Especially in humans…I just find it so fascinating!

5. Atlantis: I love books that deal with the lost city!

6. Egypt: I really enjoy books set in Egypt

7. Modern/ historical thrillers: Think DaVinci Code…someone finds a lost relic, mystery, etc. from hundreds of years ago and things get crazy.

8. Animal evolution: I love books that deal with animals other suddenly evolving into something new or someone discovering an animal that has evolved on its own, somewhere deep in the jungle, that is intelligent and/or human like.

9. Anything that feels slightly Gothic in tone or style. It may be over-the-top by today’s standards, but I love it.

10. Boarding school setting: I just find it so interesting!

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