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Dark Globe Writing Contest

Originally posted on Legendary Post:
Writers… You Will Be Given 1,200 Words To Take Us Away… To a World Of Your Making… Inhabited By Characters, From “Your” Imagination The Dark Globe “Create A World Writing Contest” COMING IN APRIL Spread The Word… (Reblog this Everywhere) DarkJade- *Banner Designed by Dark Globe Assistant Editor/Senior Photographer/Writer Kirsty From La Plume Noire **Be Sure To Join Us…

Hoot Online

The online issue of HOOT (vol. 6) is live and so is my piece. Follow the link to read. Be sure to check out HOOT! It’s a really awesome literature magazine (on a postcard!) and the editors are awesome and so, so nice. They even offer online workshopping events for free.

The Long-Awaited Video Production of Afterhours

A few weeks ago, my friend and I (Steve at A Few Big Steps ) performed my play, Afterhours, at a casual OpenMic night. The links to the play (split into three parts) are below. Credit goes to Nazrul Kazi for the video work (videos are on his Youtube account). Also a big thanks to Pial for giving us a place to read ๐Ÿ™‚ … Read More The Long-Awaited Video Production of Afterhours

Novels and Films: Not an Either/Or

The ago old debate for bibliophiles and cinephiles and lay-people alike is a question not unlike the chicken and the egg paradox: which do you prefer, the novel or the film? It is a question that has inspired a war with no end in sight. One must necessarily be less awesome than the other. Bibliophiles throw their hat in with the novel and cinephiles, … Read More Novels and Films: Not an Either/Or

Why Writing is Like Making Cake Pops (Time-Consuming, Irritating, and Rewarding)

Confession: I’ve never actually made a cakepop. I love them, but the intensity of the recipe coupled with other people’s horror stories keeps me from actually sitting down to make some. However, I do spend a lot of time writing and it has occurred to me that the two are similar. The Cake Pop Novel (serves 1) Prep Time: As Long as It Takes … Read More Why Writing is Like Making Cake Pops (Time-Consuming, Irritating, and Rewarding)

A Writer’s Game-The Storymatic

In addition to being a reader and book blogger, I’m also a writer. Today, while wandering in Restoration Hardware (of all places), I found this: It was a bit expensive for what it is, but I got it on sale. And I’m pretty excited about it. Basically, it’s a box filled with cards that you can use to play a story-telling game or, you … Read More A Writer’s Game-The Storymatic

The Merits (or lack thereof) of Writing What You Know

(This was originally posted up on my other blog, , on August 17th, 2011. In an attempt to streamline the content on both, this entry has been reposted here.) Yesterday I had a conversation with someone. I told her I was writing a play about a prison psychologist who is counseling an inmate. She asked if I had any experience with any of … Read More The Merits (or lack thereof) of Writing What You Know