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Featured Poem: Combat Primer

Combat primer by Charles Bukowski they called Celine a Nazi they called Pound a fascist they called Hamsun a Nazi and a fascist. they put Dostoevsky in front of a firing squad and they shot Lorca gave Hemingway electric shock treatments (and you know he shot himself) and they ran Villon out of town (Paris) and Mayakovsky disillusioned with the regime and after a … Read More Featured Poem: Combat Primer

Featured Poem: The Crunch (2)

The Crunch(2) by Charles Bukowski too much too little or too late too fat too thin or too bad laughter or tears or immaculate unconcern haters lovers armies running through streets of pain waving wine bottles bayoneting and fucking everyone or an old guy in a cheap quiet room with a photograph of Marilyn Monroe. there is a loneliness in this world so great … Read More Featured Poem: The Crunch (2)

Featured Poem: The Circus of Death

The Circus of Death by Charles Bukowski it’s there from the beginning, to the middle, to the end, there from light to darkness, there through the wasted days and nights, through the wasted years, the continuance of moving toward death. sitting with death in your lap, washing death out of your ears and from between your toes, talking to death, living with death while … Read More Featured Poem: The Circus of Death

Featured Poem: No Title

No Title by Charles Bukowski all theories like cliches shot to hell, all these small faces looking up beautiful and believing; I wish to weep but sorrow is stupid. I wish to believe but belief is a graveyard. we have narrowed it down to the butcherknife and the mockingbird. wish us luck.

Featured Poem: A New War

a new war by Charles Bukowski a different fight now, warding off the weariness of age, retreating to your room, stretching out upon the bed, there’s not much will to move, it’s near midnight now. not so long ago your night would be just beginning, but don’t lament lost youth: youth was no wonder either. but now it’s the waiting on death. it’s not … Read More Featured Poem: A New War

Featured Poem: Lifedance

Lifedance by Charles Bukowski the area dividing the brain and the soul is affected in many ways by experience— some lose all mind and become soul: insane. some lose all soul and become mind: intellectual. some lose both and become: accepted.

Featured Poem: When the Violets Roar at the Sun

When the Violets Roar at the Sun by Charles Bukowski they’ve got us in the cage ruined of grace and senses and the heart roars like a lion at what they’ve done to us.

Featured Poem: Memory

Memory by Charles Bukowski I’ve memorized all the fish in the sea I’ve memorized each opportunity strangled and I remember awakening one morning and finding everything smeared with the color of forgotten love and I’ve memorized that too. I’ve memorized green rooms in St. Louis and New Orleans where I wept because I knew that by myself I could not overcome the terror of … Read More Featured Poem: Memory

Featured Poem: Wind the Clock

Wind the Clock by Charles Bukowski it’s just a slow day moving into a slow night. it doesn’t matter what you do everything just stays the same. the cats sleep it off, the dogs don’t bark, it’s just a slow day moving into a slow night. there’s nothing even dying, it’s just more waiting through a slow day moving into a slow night. you … Read More Featured Poem: Wind the Clock

Featured Poem: Time

Time by Charles Bukowski one collapses and surrenders not out of choice or lack of intelligence or bad teeth or bad diet one surrenders because that’s the BEST MOVIE around. once I was so disgusted with the working of things that I dialed the time and listened to the voice over and over again: “it’s now 10:18 and 20 seconds it’s now 10:18 and … Read More Featured Poem: Time

Featured Poem: This Moment

This Moment by Charles Bukowski it’s a farce, the great actors, the great poets, the great statesmen, the great painters, the great composers, the great loves, it’s a farce, a farce, a farce, history and the recording of it, forget it, forget it. you must begin all over again. throw that all out. all of them out you are alone with now. look at … Read More Featured Poem: This Moment

Featured Poem: Wasted

***In light of the tragedy that happened in my beloved Colorado last night, where a gunman opened fire on a theater full of people at the Batman Premiere, killing twelve, it’s important to remember how precious our lives are and how they might end in an instant. ***   Wasted by Charles Bukowski too often the people complain that they have done nothing with … Read More Featured Poem: Wasted