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Featured Poem: My Secret Flag

My Secret Flag by Rachel Loden What a giant I must seem to them, an exhausted giant who dozes about her sewing. Asleep in mid-stitch, sorting the day’s haul of cinders, rubies, griefs— They were laughing and carrying on, their tiny silver needles flying in and out, tiny silver thimbles on their fingers. It’s no use of course, keeping secrets from them, when chattering … Read More Featured Poem: My Secret Flag

Featured Poem: My Cupboards

My Cupboards by Rachel Loden No ticture of seahorse. No cloudberry poultice. Don’t look there where pixels spill over the drawers, blow loose letters down the stairs. Bare, as they say. No one to sweep the word-hoard into Saturday. No broom. No sorceress.

Featured Poem: A Lending Library

A Lending Library by Rachel Loden This is a book of meteors, as well fiery and ayrie as watry and earthy; by W.F., Doctor in Divinitie. This book is held together by a rubber band. This book fell on the head of a girl in Perth, who read it and founded a new school of poetry. This book irritated Thoth, the Egyptian god of … Read More Featured Poem: A Lending Library

Featured Poem: Dust Anniversary

Dust Anniversary by Rachel Loden Write a secret on a piece of paper and burn it. This was so long ago, today it would have been our dust anniversary, our dross anniversary. No one can convince me that your hair was ever that color. No body lies in a drift of light and smiles so languorously. The clerk at the Hall of Records led … Read More Featured Poem: Dust Anniversary

Featured Poem: The Idiad

The Idiad by Rachel Loden Shall I write a poem about you and your epic struggle against stupidity? Feh. But if the brain is a city I too have rooms in the swampy part, surrounded by crocodiles. The monarch butterflies sail down from the Canadian Rockies to overwinter in Pacific Grove, pair off and fly away; They bruise me. I get crankier. If you … Read More Featured Poem: The Idiad