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Featured Poem: The Botticellian Trees

The Botticellian Trees by William Carlos Williams The alphabet of the trees is fading in the song of the leaves the crossing bars of thin letters that spelled winter and the cold have been illuminated with pointed green— by the rain and sun— The strict simple principles of straight branches are being modified by pinched-out ifs of color, devout conditions the smiles of love— … Read More Featured Poem: The Botticellian Trees

Featured Poem: In the Station of the Metro

In the Station of the Metro by Ezra Pound The apparition of these faces in the crowd; Petals on a wet black bough.

Featured Poem: The Descent

The Descent by William Carlos Williams The descent beckons as the ascent beckoned. Memory is a kind of accomplishment, a sort of renewal even an initiation, since the spaces it opens are new places inhabited by hordes heretofore unrealized, of new kinds— since their movements are toward new objectives (even though formerly they were abandoned). No defeat is made up entirely of defeat—since the … Read More Featured Poem: The Descent

Featured Poem: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost (poem featured in S.E. Hinton’s, The Outsiders*) Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to day. Nothing gold can stay. *This poem is special to me because it was really … Read More Featured Poem: Nothing Gold Can Stay

Featured Poem: Dover Beach

Dover Beach by Matthew Arnold The sea is calm tonight, The tide is full, the moon lies fair Upon the straits; on the French coast the light Gleams and is gone; the cliffs of England stand, Glimmering and vast, out in the tranquil bay. Come to the window, sweet is the night air! Only, from the long line of spray Where the sea meets … Read More Featured Poem: Dover Beach

Featured Poem: The People

The People by Charles Bukowski all people start to come apart finally and this is: just empty ashtrays in a room or wisps of hair on a comb in the dissolving moonlight.   it is all ash and dry leaves and grief gone like an ocean liner.   when the shoes fill with blood you know that the shoes are dead.   true revolution … Read More Featured Poem: The People

Featured Poem: Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice by Robert Frost Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.

Featured Poem: Between Walls

Between Walls by William Carlos Williams the back wings of the hospital where nothing will grow lie cinders in which shine the broken pieces of a green bottle