Reading Spaces: Kitchen Reading

I don’t know about you, but I frequently find myself reading in the kitchen. Not cookbooks mind you, just sitting at the kitchen table or leaning against the counter and reading whatever book I’m currently in the middle of. So while I know the kitchens in this week’s Reading Spaces were designed with cookbook storage in mind, I could easily see myself slipping regular books onto their shelves. Because you can never have too many places to stash your books, am I right?

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Reading Spaces: Classic Libraries

Is there anything better than stepping into a traditional home library? You know the type. Lots of dark wood, persian rugs, antique furniture, and wall-to-wall books. Since it’s pouring rain while I’m writing this, this week’s reading spaces is dedicated to the perfect place to curl up with a good book on a dark and stormy night. Rolling ladder and bottle of brandy not included.

All images via Houzz

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Reading Spaces: Unusual Bookshelves

For the longest time, I’ve always described my personal decorating style as beachy glam. Lots of white, blues, and greys with seaside and metallic accents. Recently though I realized that there’s such a thing called Transitional style and that pretty much describes my decor as well. Houzz has a nice definition of Transitional style here. Because of my style preferences, I’m a big fan of white furniture and of course, white bookshelves. I also love simple furniture with lots of straight lines. But for the person whose style is a little more edgy and modern, I’ve put together a few ideas for unusual book storage solutions. Some of these bookshelves look like modern art!

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Reading Spaces: Summer Lounging

Summer will be here before we know it and I’m already dreaming of whiling away lazy summer days with a good book. Truth be told, I burn easily so there isn’t a lot of difference between reading during the summer and reading during any other time of year. But that doesn’t stop me from fantasizing about basking in the sun, preferably on one of these comfy porch swings!

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